Magnetic Vehicle Tracker


Car, Boat, Trailer, Scooter, Container, it doesn’t matter…  with this tracker you track it all! Strong magnets provide a simple Click and Stick. Ideally suited for tracking of vehicles without access. Buy now and discover little secrets. Delivery 3-5 days.



Magnetic Vehicle Tracker

The OBD LIVE GPS Tracker with audio privacy function is a track and trace system that easily with one action plugged can be in your car via the OBD LIVE GPS tracker connector is built into every vehicle from the year 1996. The connection is within 5 seconds occurs and the device is in effect immediately. Look in the manual of your car where it fits. With its built-in antenna and A-GPS chip, an external antenna is not needed.

How does the magnetic tracker work?
The magnetic tracker is a small device that determines its location using GPS satellites. Via the SIM card inserted, the positions traveled by the tracker displayed on our online platform in the unit. You can via your computer or tablet the venue to see live when you log on to our online platform.

Now you can follow everything.

We have set the interval time in REAL TIME. When the device detects no motion, the device enters sleep mode which again benefits from the battery and the SIM card so that no unnecessary costs are amortized from the SIM card inside the device.

Magnetic tracker and the SIM card

We have the SIM card is already activated for you and there is sufficient credit on. Look in the manual of the SIM card how you can upgrade again once it’s on credit. When upgrading, you do not get the SIM card from the device, but you can do so simply by computer. There is even a possibility that if the account balance is less than € 2.50 it is automatically upgraded with € 10.00.

This capability is useful because there are always credit on state. We provide no SIM card in the magnetic tracker to customers abroad, which will themselves have to buy a sim card. And we need to know to work with any provider APN code so that we can verify and install the panel.

No connection wires.

The advantage of this system is that you have nothing to join and can employ immediately. This tracker has the advantage that it is waterproof and therefore suitable for outdoor applications such as fitted under the car using two supplied magnet box, trailers, trailers, boats and outboard motors. This tracker allows you to easily and quickly hide somewhere.

A highly accurate GPS tracker up to two to five meters exactly where the sites concerned. The small size makes this track and trace device to take with you is easy. The device has a global coverage (depending on the SIM card). This track and trace features an alarm called Geo-fence option: the alarm will sound when the user of the device has a preset range or exits. Through this track and trace device allows you to set a time interval through live track where the device is located.

The GPS tracker comes with a charger.


  • Worldwide network coverage
  • Movement Notification
  • Setting the safety zone (Geo-Fence)

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