Power Strip Listening Device


Professional Environment Listening with this power strip. Simcard in it and listen to the surroundings. Delivery 3-5 days. Buy now and discover the deep secrets.



Professional Power Strip Listening Device

This normal socket is equipped with a GSM listening device. In the hidden listening device is a prepaid SIM card. If there is a call to the number of the SIM card he takes equal and can be monitored in the area. This product is suitable to be used for a long time because he is the current required just get out of the socket. The sensitive microphone picks up conversations up to 10 meters. Can listen in on any phone by calling the socket.
GSM listening device. Supplied with prepaid SIM card – Top product!


Hidden transmitter in a working socket!
The socket is fitted with hidden transmitter with a GSM listening module that allows you to monitor the space in the world from anywhere. To insert a SIM card into the socket which is no longer seen after placement and by going there with any phone call you can hear what is being said in the room. Because the socket with built-in transmitter is powered by the electricity network, you do not have to worry about battery life. For loose GSM transmitters can only dial up to about four hours, but this hidden transmitter can continue to use indefinitely after placement.

How to use the hidden transmitter?

You call any phone to the SIM card inserted in the socket, then the microphone will be activated and you can discreetly listen what is said in the room where the socket with hidden transmitter. It does not matter how far you are from the transmitter hidden! The hidden listening device over the GSM (mobile) network and if so for example the transmitter placed in Amsterdam and you are calling from Paris, you heard it just as clear!

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